Content & Document Management Services


Does your business sometimes feel like a paper factory?

Let us help you streamline and automate work processes so you can operate more efficiently and focus on serving your customers.

We'll finesse your information cycle:

  • Crafting highly responsive collaboration and workflow systems & services
  • Reducing inefficiencies, lowering costs per transaction and redeploying staff
  • Managing documents, images, records and Web content





Web Design Services

Do you need low cost Web Design ?

Let us help you
 take care of your website; and it will not cost you arm and leg.

Our service costs only a fraction of salary of a webmaster working on a full-time basis, while your site is supported by our professionals having the 10-year working experience.

We'll finesse your information cycle:

  • Personal websites
  • Lowest cost in market
  • Content Services
  • Information presentation



PC Repair and Data Recovery Services

Do you need help with your PC ?

We have
the experience and resources to fix many Home PC issues, Disk Crash and Recover missing and deleted files. Let us see if those files and documents that you think are lost forever due to drive corruption from viruses or other cause or system failure

We'll fix your system

  • Cleaning up viruses
  • Recover lost Data
  • Training to prevent problems



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